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What to see in Verona

Our tips for your trip in the city of Romeo and Juliet

Today we bring you to discover what to see in Verona, between most important sights, history and the romanticism of the Shakespeare’s tragedy.

Verona, with about 250.000 citiziens, is the second largest city in Veneto, right after Venezia.

According with an ancient legend, Brenno (the head of Gauls) called this city “Vae Roma” (damned Rome), that became Verona after centuries.

Since 2000, Verona is part of Unesco World Heritage List, thanks to its achitecture, the town-planning and the eclectic personality.

Verona modern appearance is the result of several dominations which, through the centuries, have left unforgettable signs in the soul of this town.

Romans, Scaliger, Venetian and Austrians have controlled and have left – everyone in their style – a unique added value.

What to see in Verona: Juliet’s balcony

"There is no world without Verona walls,
but purgatory, torture. hell itself.
Hence banished is banish'd from the world,
and world's exile is death..."

It is impossibile to talk about Verona and not mention about the deep connection with one of the most beautiful romantic tragedy in the world: William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Right here we start our trip to discover places and things to see in Verona.

Shakespeare loved Italy more than other country and thus set here his Othello and Julius Caesar. For Romeo and Juliet tragedy, he took inspiration from Luigi Da Porto’s opera.

Montecchi and Capuleti were actually Montioli and Cappelletti, two important italian families in Verona. This is how we can approximately identify one of the most iconic place in Italy: Juliet’s balcony.

Placed in Via Cappello 23, in the heart of old town and a few steps away from Piazza delle Erbe, Juliet’s house is a medieval building where history and legend blend to give back visitators a little of shakespearean atmosphere.

There are a couple of legends connected with this place: young lovers leave a “love padlock” with their initials, as a sign of their strong tie. Another superstition is related to Juliet bronze sculpture, a statue created in ’60 by the italian sculptor Nereo Costantini. The legend say that if you touch Juliet’s right breast your luck with love will turn around.

What to see in Verona: the Arena

After the most romantic stop of your trip, now we are at the most fascinating place to see in Verona: the Arena.

The Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheatre placed in Piazza Bra and built between I and III century a.C.

The Arena, such as the whole city, has been protagonist of a deep trasformation and restauration. For this reason, the Roman amphitheatre bring the marks of the epochs wich have characterised the city and its monuments.

The Verona Arena is, after Colosseum and Capua Arena, the largest roman amphitheatre in Italy and the most well-kept.

Built with Valpolicella stone, through the centuriues the Arena hosted different kind of shows: gladiator fights, bulls hunting and recreational events for the community.

Since 1800, the Arena became the stage for Opera Lirica, hosting Gioacchino Rossini and other famous international musicians.

Attending a concert or a show in this fascinating frame is an experience unique and priceless.

This is the official site of Verona Arena, for pricing and program.

What to see in Verona: Viale Mazzini, Castelvecchio, Arche Scaligere and Scaliger Bridge

It is very simple to fall in love with this city after a walk in old town, visiting the Arche Scaligere, Scaliger Bridge and much more.

Piazza Bra (XVI century) and the more ancient Piazza delle Erbe are two of the most appreciated squares in Italy.

Scaliger Bridge (or Castelvecchio Bridge) is a 119 meters catwalk on the Adige. The bridge has been designed by Guglielmo Bevilacqua and built in Middle Age. The bridge has been rebuilded after the collapse due to the World War II bombing.

If you want a souvenir of Verona, you could take a walk in Viale Mazzini, the principal street for shopping in the town. The greatest clothing brands and the most poupular stores are waiting for you for a day of shopping in the shadow of the Arena.

If you are interested in visiting museums in Verona, you cannot miss a visit at the Civic Museum inside Castelvecchio, the most important Scaliger military monument of the city.

What to see in Verona: the restaurants under the arches

When the sun goes down and your stomach starts to feel hungry, it is time to eat something in the restaurants (osterie) under the arches.

You must try the most important recipes and traditional dishes revisited in a modern style, such as “pearà” (boiled beef with sauce and cheese), “pastisada de caval“ (horse stew) and “paparele“ (tagliatelle with peas and beans).

Verona typical recipes are very flavorful and will not leave your stomach and your palate unsatisfied. If a little space is remained, you should taste the famous "Torta di Paparele": a typical scaliger sweet, made of almonds and tagliatelle.

What to see in Verona: Useful Information

If your visit in Verona lasts a couple of days or more, you should take Verona Card: a special pass to get into some museum and monument for free or with reduction. This card give you also discount for parking, shops and other facilities.

This is the official site of Verona Card, for more details.

In the official site of Verona Tourism, you find useful hints about the driveability in the town and other suggested itineraries.

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