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3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms – in front of the beach! Have a look!

The typical Veneto cuisine directly on the campsite!

Discover the taste of Venetian cuisine in the restaurant of Jesolo Camping Village

and roots are very important to us!

Veneto Region has an ancient culinary tradition, with multiple aspects. Its territory goes from the Alps to the Po Delta, through Garda Lake banks, the Po Valley and, of course, Venice Lagoon: thanks to this variety of landscapes, there are many different typical dishes in the region.

The up-country offers game recipes, especially with the local duck, the Trevisano radicchio is famous in all its varieties and the polenta (corn mush) has a special place, as it matches most of dishes.

Jesolo, just a short step from Venice, offers a typical Venetian cooking tightly linked with that of Venice, based on fish and seafood.

The local dishes of Venice were created by melding many different ingredients, arrived in town thanks to its thriving commerce. For example Risi e Bisi, one of the most famous city’s specialities, matches rice from the East with the local peas, while the codfish Vicenza-style  blends the tastes of codfish from the Baltic Sea and the polenta, created by the peasantry using the corn coming from America.

In Veneto, you can find many white and red wine types: many types of Prosecco, the Soave, a good match for fish recipes, or the Bardolino, as the many kinds of Cabernet, that are perfect with game dishes.

Here you find an example of traditional fish menu you can taste in Jesolo Camping Village: dive in the flavours of the lagoon!



Creamed Codfish with "polenta"

First Course

"Bigoli in salsa" (with anchovies)

Main course

Grilled fish (mix)


Some fun facts about the typical Venetian cooking:

  • Venice was the first European town that knew coffee. The oldest Coffee House in Europe was opened there, and nowadays it is still open under the arcade of Piazza San Marco;

  • The dish Risi e Bisi was part of the celebration in honour of Saint Mark in Venice, on the 25th of April. The first dish or the year was traditionally offered to the Doge, the ruler of the town, who had to eat it following a fixed ceremonial;

  • The recipe of sarde al saor, Atlantic bonitos with onions, vinegar, raisin and pine nuts, was first created to keep fish during the long sea crossings. At the beginning it was sailor’s food, then it landed on wealthy tables, where the bourgeois added the raisin to attenuate vinegar’s flavour.
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    Jesolo Mare is partner of Club del Sole, the biggest Italian network of Camping Villages! 

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